Next leg of the race, Queensland here we come! Here, we will be traveling to 3 cities in 3 days — Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast. The weather this time of the year in this part of the world is really nice. So, wasting no time, we fly Schoot direct from Singapore to Gold Coast Airport that night. Traveling in-style with ScootAboard priority check-in and boarding was a bliss.

Just a recap:

Earlier this year I had been given an opportunity to participate in an exciting event called #Escapers15 which started in Singapore and ending in Queensland, Australia. I have been to Singapore many times and spent a couple of years studying in New South Wales, Australia. However, #Escapers15 has given me experiences in both countries, especially Queensland, Australia. I can’t believe how much I love it there, people, weather, and food! I feel that I should have taken time to visit Queensland while I was studying in New South Wales. So, big thank you to Accor Hotel, Scoot Airlines, and Queensland Tourism for such an awesome trip!

The race set out to be a bit like the TV show, The Amazing Race, albeit a bit more relaxing, more fun and without all the scary challenges.  However all the competitors looked to be quite competitive. There were 17 competitors from a total of 9 different countries — Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, China, India, and Australia. Two competitors from each country form one team, except for lonely Japan, with only one person.

Now, on to the next leg of the race.

Pre-flight rest at SATS Premier Lounge at Changi Airport Terminal 2


Arriving at the Gold Coast Airpot.


Always suite up on the plane because you just don’t know if someone might need rescuing.


Make sure to rest well on a long haul flight with Snooze Kit from Scoot Airline. The kit comes with woven fleece blanket, eye mask with soft terry cloth lining, and inflatable neck pillow.

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Upon arriving at the Gold Coast Airport, we were welcome with cute and cuddly koala.


We went directly to the hotel. Mercue Brisbane is where I will be staying tonight. Love the day-bed on the right.

Mercure Hotel Brisbane
Address: 85–87 NORTH QUAY, Brisbane QLD 4003, Australia


After washing up at the hotel, we left to have a walk around the Brisbane city center. This is where is found these people doing some weird thing so I joined them. With the help of Manoue of course. He is the funniest Japanese I have ever met.


The first challenge was taking photos of different landmark in the city center area. After the challenge we had lunch at Jimmy’s On The Mall. Everyone was busy taking photos of the food.


Staffs at Jimmy’s On The Mall were so nice I can’t miss taking a #selfie!


After lunch, went to the Brisbane River for our first activities, stand up paddle boarding. I have done kayaking many times but it’s my first time on the stand up paddle board. It isn’t hard at all. I got on to it right away. Had a great time. Nice weather and great water temperature.escapers15-queensland-brisbane_brisbane-explorer-bus

In the evening we took Brisbane Explorer Bus for a night tour of Brisbane on our way to fancy dinner.


What a view! But everyone seem to be busy posting on social network, lol.


Listening to the tour guide #selfie


View of the city and Mercure Hotel were we stay. Photo taken from the bus.

The next morning we were off to Sunshine Coast, where Australia Zoo is located. If you don’t know Australia Zoo is own by the famous Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. It has always been my dream to visit here ever since I have watched Steve Irwin on TV wrestling with the crocs.


Jump with joy! Feel like a kid first time at the zoo.

#selfie with Steve Irwin.

Was first greeted by the lizard out in the open. Glad that it was not a crocodile instead.

Crocodile show. Amazing show with many different animals including birds as well as this huge crocodile.

This kangaroo was so nice and friendly. He is quite old but can still eat! He gobble down all the food that I have.

Koala is so cute and cuddly. He looks sleepy all the time but I think he must have eaten lots of feed because he is so heavy!

My roommate back in high school used to have a small snake in a tank in our room but I’ve never touch it. I was too scared. This is the first time I touch a snake! It is so cool!

Had lunch while watching the animal show with the girls. Don’t need to be anywhere else, I had a good seat 🙂

Next stop, we went to Mooloolaba beach. White sand and bright sun.escapers15-queensland-sunshinecoast-mooloolaba-beach_grass

Nice green grass next to the beach you can lay on.

If you have a chance to visit here don’t forget to stop by a souvenir shop for a cool t-shirt.

Flat white, popular coffee originated in Australia.escapers15-queensland-sunshinecoast-mooloolaba-beach_lifeguard

Being a lifeguard isn’t easy. Here we put on lifeguard suit and went for some training.

Anything become so much fun when you put a jet on it! Mooloolaba Jetboat give you the ride of your life.

I was strapped in tight ready for a hard jetboat ride. If you get sea sick, don’t try this. If not then definitely try it. I has so much fun riding this thing.escapers15-queensland-sunshinecoast-novotel-twin-waters_room

After a long day, we arrive at Novotel Twin Waters, a hotel place right next to the in-land lagoon.

Novotel Twin Water Resorts
Add: Ocean Drive, Twin Waters Sunshine Coast, QLD 4564. Australia
Tel: +61 7 5448 8000

Novotel Twin Waters is right next to a large lagoon where there is a water park with series of inflatable slides, runways, jumping pillow and structures connected together. Felt like a kid!

After washing up and a bit of rest, we went outside again for a party dinner.

The hotel had welcome us with Australian Aboriginal dance.

We had such a good time nobody wants to go to bed. We stayed and play some car game for a bonding session. May be that our excuse for some drinking. If you count the country represented, it is actually an APEC meeting.

After so much laughing and shouting, we all went to bed. Since we know that it will be another busy day fill with adventure, we had to reserve our energy.


Early morning, sitting on the porch of my hotel room. It was really nice. Would be so much nicer if I could have breakfast right there but I didn’t have time because the next challenge is so early in the morning.escapers15-queensland-sunshinecoast_sailing-competition

Bobo, from Malaysia, and I paired up for a mini Sailboat race. It wasn’t a windy day so the boat wasn’t going fast so was easy to steer. We didn’t win but had a really good time.

Group #selfie after the sailboat race. Everyone seem to be really hyped up even so early in the morning.

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For more information on the naturally refreshing Sunshine Coast, visit